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the Abbey of San Galgano and the Hermitage of Montesiepi

10 minutes from us



a guided tour + lunch,

minimum 10 people , write

Where we are?

Ciciano is a small town of agricultural origins between the towns of Chiusdino (of which it belongs) and Montieri. on the border between the provinces of Grosseto and Siena, perched in the woods of the Metalliferous Hills. It hosted Dina Ferri, the shepherd poetess. If you run into a group playing on the street… yes, that's right, and it also stops the traffic! With us it's normal, it's the kids who play ball Eh! It is the game of the country, and it is in the list of Italian historical games - info Ball EH!



this small town is mentioned in the following books:

Notebook of Nothing by Dina Ferri

The Trap of Delfino Cinelli

A Lonely Man by Carlo Cassola

When Diabolik's Jaguar arrived in Ciciano - Sandro Montomoli


Bistrò Dai Galli is ready to welcome you, a warm atmosphere, the cuisine of the past, that of the grandmother, full of simple and captivating aromas, a selection of delicious wines, even by the glass.

In spring and summer, the terrace and the garden will welcome you with a thousand flowers, every Monday in July and August, dinner is enlivened by live jazz music.

Easy parking

we also organize personalized menus


takeaway cakes


5 minutes from Ciciano, the capital, Chiusdino. Ancient medieval village, disputed between Volterra and Siena, birthplace of

San Galgano, the residence of the scientist Paolo Mascagni (CAstelletto) and of the poetess Dina Ferri (Ciciano), rests on a clivio of the Colline Metallifere, like a crown surrounded by woods.



Rectory of San Niccolò in Montieri

10 minutes from us



a Trekking with guide

+ lunch,

minimum 10 people , write

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10 minutes from Ciciano, Montieri is located in the territory of the Grosseto Metalliferous Hills and is known for its large deposits of pyrite, lead and silver. Il Poggio overlooks the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, has a breathtaking view over the whole territory, is appreciated by astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts for its poor light pollution


Gardens of Modern Art

Paul Fuchs and the Garden of Sounds
They gasp
info and contacts



Manfred Deva  and Selva di Sogno 
between Chiusdino and Casole D'Elsa

info and contacts



rivers, springs, nature and caves

The territory of the Metalliferous Hills is rich in metals, forests and waters: here the rivers Merse, Farma and Cecina arise, plus a myriad of small tributaries, very rich in fresh water springs and thermal springs

Trekking, caving, Sport, Horse riding

Do you want to organize a special stay? we will prepare food! We have who will entertain you! Send an Email and we will certainly find who will satisfy your NATURE Cravings !! you write

terme di Petriolo

geothermal, hot water, spas

a territory still in turmoil, the borax springs highlight a geologically young territory, therefore rich in borax springs ... to explain, that stench of hard-boiled egg that envelops and warms you ...  

Petriolo is the still active address for the thermal baths in the region between Colline MEtallifere and Val Di MErse - info


in Spring and Summer, AQUA HARDA opens in Sassso Pisano, a small themal establishment with Biolago - info


the BIANCANE park and the related MUBIA Museum

with a thorough explanation of how the geothermal cycle works and who has studied it and led this natural source to become an energy production

MUBIA and PArco delle Biancane  

Museum of LArderello 

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